Evidence and Investigation

Today was a busy day in Science. We completed our analysis of different fabrics by testing how they burn.  We looked at nylon, cotton cloth, denim, rayon, and felt.

Does it burn or melt?

Does it burn or melt?

This afternoon we began our study of tracking.  We discovered that a crime had occurred at a local bank.  Upon arrival, the police were able to identify a shoe print in the wet soil next to it.  The direction of the track led police to believe that the criminal was hiding out on a local patio drinking coffee with other citizens.  

Upon taking a copy of the shoe prints of the people on location, we may be able to link one of the coffee drinkers with the print next to the bank.  This evidence may lead us to establishing a viable suspect!

Julia is preparing a shoe for making a print.

Julia is preparing a shoe for making a print.

Cale is busy preparing another person's shoe for a print.

Cale is busy preparing another person’s shoe for a print.

We are almost ready for analysis.

We are almost ready for analysis.


Coming back from Camp!

We returned from camp yesterday.  We were quite fortunate that the weather, although poor at times was as cooperative as it could be.  When we were outside, the rain would shine.  When we came in to eat, the rain would fall!  We had a great first two days.  On the second night, we had to move our campfire song and skits indoors due to a thunderstorm and the presence of lightning.

We had a great time, and learned a lot!

On our way to camp!

Stephanie Hood!  Bulls-eye on the way!

Stephanie Hood! Bulls-eye on the way!

Corson cart!   Bring out your inner-Mario!

Corson cart! Bring out your inner-Mario!

Time for our Liturgy!

Time for our Liturgy!


Mountain scooter anyone?

Mountain scooter anyone?


Up for a climb?

Up for a climb?


Getting Ready for Camp.

Tomorrow our grade six students will be  going to camp for our Outdoor Education program. We will be leaving at 9:30, and returning to school near 2:15 on Thursday.  ALL STUDENTS need to be  picked up from school at this time on Thursday.  Students will not be allowed to walk home.  Please make arrangements.

Reading Blogs and writing Feedback!

This afternoon students read each others’ stories and left feedback.


Mr. Parr comes to share his story of Kenya!

We will be building a Penny Arcade at our upcoming student retreat.  The proceeds of this day’s activity will be going towards school children in the country of Kenya, in the continent of Africa


Mr. Parr shares his upcoming adventure with us.  .

Check out the Volleyball action in 6G!


Triton comes to visit!

Triton comes to visit!

Danae poses with her dog Triton! Triton was a very well mannered and friendly pet!

Father Kevin Comes to Visit

Father Kevin Comes to Visit

Fr. Kevin is reviewing some lessons that were learned during our retreat at St. Basil’s Church.

Up, Up & Away!

Today was the day to test our Hot Air Balloons.  Check out what happened when Presley, Cole and Christopher added their “burner” to the their balloon.

Flight Prep!

Students are preparing for tomorrow’s flight test! We see Andrew, Nathaniel and Alyssa testing recent modifications to their shroud lines and envelope.