English Language Arts

In our Language Arts class, we are currently studying Figurative Language and are in the midst of a novel study.  We are currently reading The White Mountains by John Christopher.  Selected from the Authorized Novels List for grade 6 we are examining topics of friendship, freedom, and individual growth.

We are learning how to use Figurative Language in our writing, and when it is appropriate to do so.  We are currently looking at the use of:







Can you identify what they all are?  Check out our students’ work  in our Student blogs for a quick reminder!  Click here to access them:

Student Blogs!

Feel free to make comments on your child’s work.

(Please note: Any and all comments on the kidblog site are monitored by staff, and are read, and approved on an individual basis.  Any post deemed unsuitable will be deleted and will not be seen by the student or any visitors to the site.)


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