Daily 5

We practice a modified Daily 5 work session in our classroom.  We focus mainly on three particular portions of the Daily 5.

Work on Writing: Students engage in writing for a period up to twenty minutes.  They are able to write about topics that are interesting to them.  Here they are able to apply the skills they have acquired and are developing from their lessons.

Work on Writing

Work on Writing

Read to Self: Students are able to find a comfortable space to read about stories/topics that interest them.  Their selected reading material is chosen to be a “right fit” book where they are able to confidently understand most of what they are reading.

Read to Self

Read to Self

Listen to Reading:  Students are able to hear someone read to them using an Ipod and audiobook, as they read along in their own copy of the book.  Students track where they leave off so they can quickly take up where they left off the next time. 

listen to reading


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