Starting February 25 2013, we will be working on Measurement.

The Specific Learning Outcomes (S.L.O.s)

The students will:

1.  Demonstrate an understanding of angles by:

  • identifying examples of angles in the environment
  • classifying angles according to their measure
  • estimating the measure of angles, using 45°, 90°, and 180° as reference angles
  • determining angle measures in degrees
  • drawing, labeling angles when the measure is specified

2.  Demonstrate that the sum of interior angles is:

  • 180° in a triangle
  • 360°in a quadrilateral

3.  Develop and apply a formula for determining the:

  • perimeter of polygons
  • area of rectangles
  • volume of right rectangular prisms.

Check out these useful study notes courtesy of Mr. Derek Lidstone:

Maths 6 Study Notes for Perimeter Area Volume


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