Finding the Perimeter of a Polygon.

I like to think of Perimeter as walking around a fence.  It is defined as the area  around the outside of a polygon.  If I walk around a yard with a fence, how far am I going to walk?  This is how I always remembered how to determine the perimeter.

Let us try it:

perimeter rectangle

We can see that we have a quadrilateral.  This shape has two different four lines, two of them being different.  We have two lines that measure 20 M and two lines that measure 7 M in length.  To calculate the perimeter, we add the lengths of each line.  7 + 20 +7 +20 = 54 M.  The perimeter of this quadrilateral is 54 meters.




Check out Mr. Derek Lidstone‘s notes on Area, Volume and Perimeter here:

Maths 6 Study Notes for Perimeter Area Volume


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