Air and Aerodynamics

We are in the middle of our Air and Aerodynamics Unit of study.  These are the outcomes for out unit.

The students will:

1.  Provide evidence that air takes up space and exerts pressure.

2.  Provide evidence that air is a fluid and is capable of being compressed.

3.  Describe and demonstrate instances in which air movement across a surface creates lift (Bernoulli’s principle).

4.  Recognize that in order for devices or living organisms to fly, that have to have adequate lift to overcome the forces of gravity.

5.  Identify adaptions that enable birds and insects to fly.

6.  Describe the means of propulsion for flying animals and aircraft.

7.  Recognize that streamlining reduces drag.

8.  Recognize that air is composed of different gases.


Check out this cool website and play with the forces of flight!


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