Air Powered Rockets

We recently took some time to explore the power of compressed air.  One of the properties of a gas is that they can be compressed.  Using the power of our lungs, we compressed air into balloons and engaged in an experiment that allowed us to see the power of compressed air in action.

In this lab we demonstrated that air has directional force, and that when air is contained under pressure, it will always attempt to escape that containment.   We accounted for a couple of variables in our experiment that could affect the results.  We identified the type of balloon, and the size of the straw attachment as variables that could affect the performance of our rockets.

In our post lab discussions, we identified that different individuals were able to inflate their balloons to different sizes, even if the style of the balloon was similar.  We also noted that the placement of the straws along the balloon could hinder the movement of the balloon as well.




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